Photo Retouching Services

Glamorous and attention-grabbing images for more reach.

Identifying and focusing on the alluring features to entice and satisfy the onlookers and potential customers.

No matter how photogenic you are, it’s still important to tweak the details before presenting the images to everyone. The commercial show business relies on perfection and the slightest imperfections can end up ruining the gig.

With different types of photo retouching services, you can embrace these imperfections to their fullest. At Image Editing Services, we make sure to identify the weakest and strongest details in an image in order to retouch the shots accordingly.

Photo retouching services are a must for e-commerce websites, model portfolios, and similar commercial ventures. With our professional services and guidance, we can ensure a significant increase in site/profile engagement within weeks.



Make The Littlest Details Shine For Instant Clarification

Whether it’s a little sparkle in the eyes or a creative pattern in the designer dresses, make the customers focus on the littlest details with our premium Photoshop tools and techniques.

From production to management to distribution – the life of an E-commerce worker is full of constant deadlines. If you don’t learn how to manage your energy and resources, you’ll burn out like crazy during rush hours.

Get Closer To Perfection With Promising Photo Retouching Services

Our company consists of experts all over the world – ready to take care of your retouching needs at a moment’s notice!

From fixing the teeth to getting rid of blemishes to hiding the dark circles under the eyes – let our photo retouching skills drive you closer to perfection with calculated edits.

Play around with the light and shadow effect to intensify the color and condition of the products. Let the customers visualize the products from different angles with the help of high-end retouching services.

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Photo Retouching Services: Overview

Photo retouching services aim to make an image look more presentable by hiding the unflattering aspects of the image. With premium Photoshop and Lightroom tools, we help our clients to hide the blemishes, scars, etc. to revamp the quality.


From brightening certain parts so the customers focus on those areas more to sharpening the eyes and the jaws - photo retouching services are a must for those who strive for perfection. Even if the metadata doesn't contain proper lighting for appropriate shading, with photo retouching services, you can alter the specifics to get better headshots.


Take the brightest pictures even in the dark without worrying about vampire-looking eyes in the shots! All our photo retouching services include in-house red-eye removal to normalize the gaze and glare in all person-specific images.



Different Categories Of Photo Retouching Services We Provide

Here's an overview of our specialized photo retouching services for supreme clarification -


Skin Retouching Services

With our color correction services, get smoother skin and hide acne, birthmark, etc. as required. Blend in the skin tone artificially to make sure the other body parts match the face.



Hair Retouching Services

Our hair retouching services are highly sought after by model agencies and parlors. Fix the unruly hair, change the color, and even go for different hairdos to compliment the apparel.


Teeth Retouching Services

Fix the crooked teeth, hide cavities, stains, etc. with our professional teeth retouching services. Our services cover teeth whitening and complex straightening as well.



Jewelry Retouching Services

Remove glare from shiny jewelry items, clean up the gaps, and brighten the color to showcase the finer details. Depending on the jewelry material, our methods may vary.

Newborn Retouching Services

If you're looking to preserve the memories of your newborn, our newborn retouching services are just for you. From fixing the skin tone and texture to changing the background - at Image Editing Services, you can get it all. Our newborn retouching services are also great for newborn baby products.



Model Retouching Services

Also popularly known as headshot retouching services, our model retouching services are curated for professional runaway models looking to glamorize their careers further. Get rid of the unflattering tones and get the perfect color schemes to compliment your skin, posture, and apparel.



Apparel Retouching Services

Our apparel retouching services focus on different clothing items to increase their marketability factors. We deal with apparel like frocks, jackets, jeans, hats, scarves, skirts, long dresses, suits, and even pajamas on a daily basis.



Our Photo Retouching Services: Packages & Costs

You can curate your own package to add in extra services. Alternatively, here are the primary packages that we provide -


Package 1: Basic Photo Retouching ($0.69-$0.99 per image)

Featured Services

  • Simple clean-up
  • Remove dust, scratches, blemishes, etc.
  • Hide or blend in scar tissues
  • Single object-oriented mapping
  • Reflective shadow correction
  • Basic glare correction
  • Wrinkle blending/morphing
  • Basic flaw correction services


Package 2: Complex Photo Retouching ($1.49 per image)

Featured Services

  • Large and complex reflective surfaces
  • Wrinkle and spot-free skin/fabric
  • Small machinery/shiny jewelry items
  • Multiple object-oriented mapping (simple)


Package 3: Super-Complex Retouching ($2.99 per image)

Featured Services

  • Heavy adjustments
  • Professional headshot retouching
  • Multiple object-oriented mapping (complex)
  • Advertisement-focused retouching
  • Complex color correction facilities

Why Should You Outsource Your Photo Retouching Services From Image Editing Service?

Above everything, time and energy are of the essence in the fast-paced commercial world. Don’t lose out on the big opportunities in order to cover the nitty-gritty photo editing needs. Hire us instead to take care of those for you!


15000+ clients have boosted their business with our photo retouching services.


3000+ positive feedback. 1500+ recurring clients.

Our photo retouching services will be of great value to you if-


You’re a busy bee looking to amplify your productivity


You’re looking to increase your social media and online reach

You’re a retailer looking to promote and increase your sales

How it works

What Will The Process Be Like?


Check out the packages, find the suitable one for your project, and submit the quote to know more about the packages.


You'll hear from us in less than an hour. Go over the details of the selected package with your assigned handler.


Fix the payment and deadline to approve the order. Once the order goes through, our editors will get on it right away.


We'd appreciate a separate file with the images, especially if you're ordering in bulk. Upload the images/file and sit tight.


Once the order is completed, we'll send the file back with the revised images. Download the images & check for mistakes.


After further revisions, close the order by sending in the payment via the preferred channels. Drop a review if you're satisfied with the quality of the work!

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