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Extended clipping services right at your doorstep.

Imagine coming across an image with multiple superimposed objects when you’re already overwhelmed with work. Instances like these require expert multi-clipping path services and that’s precisely what we aim to provide.

At Image Editing Services, you’ll receive the best deals in terms of both efficiency and productivity. Triple the reach and engagement rate overnight with perfectly clipped images.

Our services are available 24/7 and we make sure to get back within 45 minutes at best. Hence, if you’re in the market looking for quality multi-clipping path services, make sure to go over our portfolio to check out our previous works!



Multi-Clipping Path Services Majorly Help Out In The Commercial World

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or service-holder, you hardly have to take care of a single task or an object at a time. Most often than not, it’s always multiple models in multiple different attires and shoes.

Alternatively, multiple products are showcased in an image or a transition video at a time. Multiple buildings are found in the real estate brochures you find around the city.

If you want to clip the background in these images or create a cutout, basic clipping path services aren’t enough. Multi-clipping path tools can cover the complexity in images like these so that you can have ready-to-go cutouts in a jiffy.

Expert Multi-Clipping Path Editors At Your Service 24/7

Insane positional skills with years of experience – that’s the deal you’ll get with our expert multi-clipping path editors. Our agency comprises both in-house and remote editors with dedicated handlers for each project.

So, whether it’s two in the noon or the night, you’ll always find someone at your service. And we make sure to maintain strict deadlines for every project. As such, if you’re looking for an agency with a fast-paced environment & skilled editors – Image Editing Services should be at the top of your list.

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Multi-Clipping Path Services - Overview!

Multi-clipping path services are needed for advanced and complicated objects. Whenever single object-oriented mapping doesn't suffice anymore, multi-clipping path services come in to save the day.


Multi-clipping path services require heavy manual supervision for complex mapping and superimposition. Instead of applying single layers during etching, multiple layers are applied to cover a bunch of focus points at once.



Change The Outlook Of Your Ads Completely!

It can get boring to see the same image over and over again. With professional multi-clipping path services, you can keep a clean cutout of the special segments and use them differently with alternative backgrounds and focus objects.


Achieve Skillful Complexity With Maximum Proficiency

With proper multi-clipping path services, the objects don't look jam-packed even in a superimposed state. Clean borders are mapped out for coherent positioning and the objects are clipped manually by figuring out all the stress zones.


Recreate & Redecorate Out Of Thin Air!

Let's say you want to showcase two products together but you don't want to go through the hassles of doing a combined photoshoot. With multi-clipping path services, you can prepare separate cut-outs for the products from previous photoshoots & merge them for a whole different ad!


Perks Of Working With Image Editing Services!

If you're looking to outsource multi-clipping path services, check out the perks of lining up with Image Editing Services!


Manual Supervision

All our procedures are supervised manually to detect and avoid AI failures. Even premium Photoshop tools can fail to detect intricate image details at times. Our editors make sure to check for inaccuracies & fix them instantly in these cases.


On-Time Delivery

We're super strict about maintaining deadlines. As we process thousands of images every day, missing a deadline means falling 5-6 steps behind everyone else. Hence, at Image Editing Services, time is of the essence for a constant flux of productivity and efficiency. 


Further Revisions

If you're unsatisfied with specific edits, let us know immediately so we can provide prompt revisions. However, we won't be liable for any free corrections months after the completion of a certain project. 


Multi-Clipping Path Services: Packages & Costs!

Our multi-clipping path services aren't an extension of the basic clipping path services. Hence, if you'd like to combine two or more services/packages, we'll charge accordingly.


Here's an overview of our commercial-centric multi-clipping path packages for you to go over the specifications -


Package 1: Basic Multi-Clipping Path ($0.39 per image)

Featured Services

  • Object isolation
  • Basic etching
  • Simple curves/joints
  • Simple background


Package 2: Medium Multi-Clipping Path ($1.49 per image)

Featured Services

  • Cluttered background
  • Colorful background
  • Superimposed object detection
  • Complex mapping
  • Multiple objects/models
  • Simple vector clipping 


Package 3: Complex Multi-Clipping Path ($5.99 per image)

Featured Services

  • Complex vector illustration
  • Ad-specific clipping
  • Complex dark etching
  • Dark and isolated backgrounds
  • Reflective mapping

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