An agency well-versed in both basic and complex background removal services.

One-stop solution for all sorts of commercial and in-house photo retouching services.

If the background itself looks obnoxious, the image object is bound to look distorted and clumsy. Hence, background removal services are a must for product photographers, videographers, animators, affiliate marketing agents, etc.

But when you’ve got so many things on your plate, can you afford to spend extra time behind each image?

Meet Image Editing Services – a photo retouching service provider well-versed in background removal and replacement services. In addition to background removal, we also provide equivalent image retouching services such as – ghost mannequin effects, drop shadow effects, image enhancement, etc.

Our prices are reasonable and so are our hours! So, if you’re in the market for a reliable background removal service provider, feel free to check our packages and portfolios out!



When You've Got A Business To Run, There's No Room For The Tiresome Tasks!

From production to distribution, marketing to stabilization – it takes a lot for a business to work smoothly. But badly photoshopped images featuring unclear products – can ruin your entire marketing image in an instant.

Image Editing Services can help to produce crisp and clear images for both your promotional and in-house activities. Outsourcing our background removal services will grant you access to all the featured services within a reasonable price point.

Let Us Do What We Do Best

$0.39/image – that’s our starting rate for background removal services! From complex to super-complex images – we can deal with it all to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Our team comprises 30+ editors with a handful of expert managers to keep things running steadily. Combined, we have 15+ years of experience between us in the editing field.

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Background Removal Services - Overview

Background removal refers to the tedious process of removing the unwanted background to separate the object. With the help of clipping paths and deep etching tools, we clean up the problematic background to the desired one.


Ensure The Very Best Use Of Background Removal Services

To make the money shots stand out from the rest, quality background removal services are a prerequisite.

There are many free background removal tools out there. What sets Image Editing Services different from the rest?


Manual Supervision

While AI can indeed detect the background pixel by pixel, it doesn't take much for the program to mess up the resolution. With Image Editing Services, you'll get to enjoy the manual supervision to enhance and remove the background properly.


Amazon Experts

Most online marketplaces won't allow colorful backgrounds on product images. For instance - Amazon is especially strict with the white background policy.

Our in-house Amazon experts will help you to curate the product images perfectly according to the guidelines so that you can upload them directly on the website as a seller.

Bulk Work Load - We churn out 2000+ processed images per day.

So, if you're in the commercial sector looking to order in bulk but require extra attention to detail as well, we'll be the perfect fit for you! Fastidious functionality is our very motto.


Focus Redirection

Most backgrounds don't complement the color scheme of the product/object of the image itself. Our professional photo editors will help you to fix the color intensity and texture to redirect the customer's focus to the product completely.


Transparent Background

If you want to use the same cutout with different backgrounds, we can clip out the background with a transparent one. Afterward, you can change the background as you wish to draw focus to certain elements in the image.


Background Removal Services - Packages & Cost

Our background removal service costs depend on the following factors -

  • Project size
  • Image complexity
  • Removal techniques
  • Additional instructions
  • Combined services [For instance - background removal + drop shadow effect or background removal+ghost mannequin]
  • Background color changes
  • Professional marketplace category changes, etc.

We'll charge extra for certain elements such as - hair, fuzz, fur, etc. To know the correct pricing according to the requirements, send in a quote and we'll get back to you in less than an hour with the estimated costs.


Why Should You Outsource Your Background Removal Services From Image Editing Service?

Above everything, time and energy are of the essence in the fast-paced commercial world. Don’t lose out on the big opportunities in order to cover the nitty-gritty photo editing needs. Hire us instead to take care of those for you!


12,000+ customers have trusted us with their image edits.


2,000+ images are edited everyday.


We don’t use automated software here. Every clipping path is carefully made by hand. We’re not finished until every item of clothing and accessory takes shape natural, and the colors and textures look just right.

Our background removal services will be of great value to you if-


You’re a busy bee looking to amplify your productivity


You’re looking to increase your social media and online reach

You’re a retailer looking to promote and increase your sales

Boost Your Reach With Our To-The-Point Six-Step Program!

Unlike other agencies, we won't keep your orders on the back burner for ages. Here's how the process more or less will go like if you choose to work with Image Editing Services -

01. Send In The Quote

Go over the portfolio and send in the quote alongside your desired instructions. Our manager will let you know of the expenses and other prerequisites within the hour.

02 . Approve The Quote

After going over the expenses, approve the expense request so that the order can go through.

03 . Upload The Images

Send in the images directly via the quote request. However, if it's a bulk order, we'll prefer a file so that we can easily track every single one of the images.

04 . Set The Deadline

Our editors will start working on the order the very day the order is approved. Have a chat with our manager to set the deadline. You can set an early deadline with an extra charge.

05 . Download The Images/Files

We'll email you the processed images as soon as possible. Download them from the link and check for discrepancies. Ask for revisions if needed. If not, we'll close the order.

06 . Send In The Payment

Once the order is closed, you can send in the payment via the preferred channel. We accept both bank & mobile payments.

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