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How many times have you had to reschedule a shoot because of model issues? How many times have you had to alter the final shots heavily because of unwanted curves or expressions?

With ghost mannequin services, you can avoid all of these altogether and get better shots for the projects. At Image Editing Services, we provide invisible mannequin services to product photographers, affiliate marketers, and all sorts of E-commerce workers to simplify their workload.

The online market is too fast-paced to let trivial matters hold you back in the final race. Hire Image Editing Services and invest in the best ghost mannequin services of your lifetime.



Conceal The Imperfections & Focus On Just The Product

It’s always a hassle trying to book models for a photoshoot. Plus, it’s costly to get models due to the additional makeup and apparel expenses. Again, normal mannequins look too dull before the camera and there’s no liveliness.

So, what’s the solution?

With ghost mannequin services, we attempt to get rid of both issues by highlighting the specifics of the product itself. Consequently, you can use the leftover production resources on other important management and distribution facilities.

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$0.89/image – that’s our starting rate for image masking services! From complex to super-complex images – we can deal with it all to provide you with the best possible outcome.

With over 50+ in-house employees, we are one of the most trusted image editing service providers in the country. At Image Editing Services, you’ll get to enjoy maximum benefits and professional efforts for on-spot project improvisation.

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Ghost Mannequin Services: Overview

Remove the mannequins or the models underneath the product with ghost mannequin services to preserve the structure of the products virtually. By doing so, the customers get to see how the clothes fit the body firsthand.


Not just clothes, ghost mannequin services are used for jewelry items, scarves, hats, and many other things. Basically, if you want to show off just the products, there are hardly any better alternatives than invisible mannequins.


How Do We Ensure The Best Ghost Mannequin Services?

We handle all our projects with the utmost professionalism. As an image editing service provider, we preserve the quality of the work by constant maintenance of the following factors -


In-House Photoshop Experts

Mannequin services require objectivity with an eye for detail. Collectively, we have 35+ Photoshop experts who make sure to include the personal touch with the professional skill set. 


Dedicated Handlers

Get personal managers to get constant updates on the project. If you need assistance or want to alter the instructions halfway through the project, have a chat with the handler to figure out how to best deal with the situation.


Urgent Delivery

Need to burn the midnight oil for an important project? We'll take the tiresome bits off your plate to meet the deadline. Contact the assigned handler to set an early date for the delivery and our editors will work faster to help you out.


Combined Experience Of 50+ Years

We have got senior editors with 20+ years of experience to overview the different segments of image retouching. Under their guidance, we run a tight but effective ship.


Improvisational Facilities

Even after years of operation, we still arrange for training camps to constantly update the skill set of our editors. Our works have been recognized by multiple international magazines. And we're continuing to break the barriers of modern retouching by means of professional improvisation.

Our Ghost Mannequin Services: Packages & Cost.

Looking to launch the new clothing line with invisible mannequins instead of real models? Check out our curated ghost mannequin service packages and order right away!

Package 1: Simple Ghost Mannequin ($0.89 per image)

Designed for -

  • Simple and separated objects
  • Single model/object
  • Clean object borders
  • Transparent/clear background
  • Simple curves/neck joints
  • Solid one-piece clothing items (hat, t-shirt, jeans, etc.)

In the first package, we'll focus on simple joints around the neck, elbow, etc. area to make the images seem natural. For instance - after removing the mannequin, both sides of the neck need to be superimposed virtually for an improved look.

Package 2: Complex Ghost Mannequin ($1.49 per image)

Designed for -

  • Complex mannequins
  • Transparent objects
  • Complex background removal
  • Multiple objects
  • Net-like object expansion (interlinked objects)
  • Mesh-like fabric sets (for instance - lace underwear)
  • Jackets, hats, etc. with fringes
  • Wreath-like flower tops

In the second package, we manually remove the mannequin and then fix the empty spots within the frame. For instance - with mesh-like fabric or wreath-like objects, many spots can go undetected by the AI during the first sweep. 

Similarly, with multiple mannequins or models, our editors manually fix the joints after the initial superimposition.

Why Should You Outsource Your Ghost Mannequin Services From Image Editing Service?

Above everything, time and energy are of the essence in the fast-paced commercial world. Don’t lose out on the big opportunities in order to cover the nitty-gritty photo editing needs. Hire us instead to take care of those for you!


65% conversion rate into regular clients.


75% of the clients went for bulk orders after regular ones.

Our ghost mannequin services will be of great value to you if-


You’re a busy bee looking to amplify your productivity


You’re looking to increase your social media and online reach

You’re a retailer looking to promote and increase your sales

How it works

What Will The Process Be Like?


Check out the packages, find the suitable one for your project, and submit the quote to know more about the packages.


You'll hear from us in less than an hour. Go over the details of the selected package with your assigned handler.


Fix the payment and deadline to approve the order. Once the order goes through, our editors will get on it right away.


We'd appreciate a separate file with the images, especially if you're ordering in bulk. Upload the images/file and sit tight.


Once the order is completed, we'll send the file back with the revised images. Download the images & check for mistakes.


After further revisions, close the order by sending in the payment via the preferred channels. Drop a review if you're satisfied with the quality of the work!

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