Jewelry retouching
Jewelry retouching

Enhancing Jewelry Images

Unveiling the Art of Jewelry Retouching

In the competitive world of online retail, high-quality jewelry images play a crucial role in attracting potential buyers. One of the most effective techniques to ensure captivating visuals is through jewelry retouching services.

Image Editing Services, a leading provider in the industry, offers a range of professional retouching solutions tailored specifically for jewelry.


Jewelry Retouching Services Provided by Image Editing Services

Dust / Reflection Removal – $1.99 per object

Dust and reflections can significantly impact the appearance of jewelry images, obscuring the fine details and diminishing their allure. Image Editing Services employs expert retouching techniques to eliminate dust particles and unwanted reflections, ensuring the images are polished and ready for both print and online stores.

Background Editing & Mannequin Removal – $2.99 per photo

Neutral backgrounds are vital to highlight the beauty of jewelry. ImageEditingServices excels in removing distracting backgrounds and mannequins, directing the viewer’s attention solely towards the exquisite pieces, enhancing their visual appeal.

Color Correction & Recoloring – $3.69 per item

Addressing color issues and visible defects in jewelry photos is essential for presenting accurate representations of the products. Image Editing Services employs meticulous color correction techniques to deliver images with proper coloring, well-balanced shadows, and optimal brightness.

Metal Smoothing – $2.69 per object

Achieving flawless metal surfaces can be challenging, especially in intricate jewelry pieces. Image Editing Services provides professional metal smoothing services, ensuring every element of the jewelry is impeccably polished, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Shine Enhancement – $2.89 per object

Adding a touch of shine to jewels and gemstones elevates their elegance and visual impact. Through skillful retouching, Image Editing Services enhances textures, allowing the jewelry to radiate brilliance and allure.

Drop Shadow and Mirror Effect – $0.89 per photo

Adding depth and dimension to jewelry images is crucial to create a captivating visual experience. Image Editing Services employs natural drop shadow and mirror effects, expertly enhancing the overall aesthetics without overediting the images.

Creative Jewelry Editing – $4.49 per photo

For those seeking comprehensive transformations, Image Editing Services offers creative jewelry editing services. This includes reshaping, resizing, background replacement or addition, and even object removal or addition, providing the flexibility to craft truly unique visuals.

Process of Availing Jewelry Retouching Services

Availing Image Editing Services is a seamless process. Customers can easily upload their jewelry photos and provide specific recommendations. Additionally, the option to request revisions ensures complete satisfaction before finalizing the retouched images. Once the process is complete, customers receive their enhanced jewelry photos promptly.

Realistic Results and Attention to Detail

Image Editing Services is committed to highlighting the best features of each stone. With meticulous attention to detail, the retouching process preserves the clarity of gems and ensures accurate light reflection, resulting in realistic and captivating images.

Pricing for Jewelry Photo Editing

Pro Level – $2.00 per item

The Pro Level package offered by ImageEditingServices includes a comprehensive range of services to enhance jewelry images. From dust and reflection removal to color correction, these services are ideal for creating professional visuals. Take a look at the website to view examples showcasing the transformation achieved through the Pro Level package.


High-End Level – $4.00 per item

For those seeking additional services and enhancements, the High-End Level package provides an array of advanced retouching options. From metal smoothing and shine enhancement to creative editing possibilities, this package allows for truly stunning transformations. Visit the website to explore examples that demonstrate the outstanding results of the High-End Level package.


Bulk Services and Discounts

Image Editing Services recognizes the needs of customers ordering large quantities of jewelry pictures. As a gesture of appreciation, they offer discounts to permanent customers who avail their retouching services in bulk. This ensures that businesses can showcase their extensive jewelry collections with consistent quality and affordability.

Importance of Shadows, Dust, and Reflections in Jewelry Photos

Realistic shadows play a vital role in enhancing the appearance of jewelry. By expertly incorporating shadows, Image Editing Services ensures the jewelry pieces have depth and dimension, resulting in visually appealing images. Furthermore, the removal of dust, scratches, and reflections from the photos guarantees a clean and professional look.

Blemishes and Spots Removal in Jewelry Retouching

Distracting blemishes and spots can take away from the beauty of jewelry pieces. Image Editing Services employs professional tools and meticulous techniques to eliminate these imperfections, resulting in flawless images that captivate viewers and highlight the true essence of the jewelry.

Adding Shine to Jewelry Images

Achieving the perfect shine in jewelry photos requires skillful retouching and color correction. Image Editing Services ensures that each gemstone receives the appropriate amount of shine, maintaining a realistic effect that accentuates the unique properties of different gemstones.

Removing Unwanted Elements in Jewelry Images

To enhance the focus on jewelry, Image Editing Services excels in cleaning up backgrounds and removing unwanted elements. By eliminating smudges and scratches, the overall image quality is significantly improved, allowing the jewelry to take center stage.

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Quick Response and Free Quotes

Image Editing Services values customer convenience and prompt communication. Customers can easily upload their images and receive free quotes, allowing them to make informed decisions about their jewelry retouching needs. The dedicated managers at Image Editing Services ensure a quick response to queries and provide assistance throughout the process.

Professional jewelry retouching services offered by Image Editing Services are the key to enhancing the appeal of jewelry images. From dust and reflection removal to creative editing possibilities, their comprehensive range of services ensures captivating visuals that entice potential buyers. Embrace the power of jewelry retouching and elevate your jewelry images with Image Editing Services.